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About 180

The Foundation 180 | behavioural interventions and programs youth at risk is a knowledge and network organisation that has the object to improve the social position of vulnerable and at-risk youth. 180 is a foundation and an independent non-profit organisation.

The Foundation 180 | behavioural interventions and programs youth at risk came into being after a merger of the foundations Work-Wise and Equip and including the temporary administrative organisation Behavioural Interventions for Youth. 

Services based on expertise and experience

The broad package of services of 180 starts with the development of new interventions, programmes and methods and ends with the set-up of knowledge circles from science and practice with regard to vulnerable youths and youth at-risk.

In between we offer courses and training programmes for professionals who work with young people, we support organisations with the implementation and quality execution of the programmes and interventions, and we help them to measure and improve the results.

Finally, from our broad expertise and large experience we give advice on varied themes and practical situations.


180 means high-grade quality. This applies to the internal organisation, the contact and relationship with a client as well as the range. A range that consists of – briefly put – behaviour interventions and programmes, training programmes, advice, audits, result measurements and data compilation. We work with quality standards and we offer a high-grade service level. In addition we are closely connected to prominent scientists, users and interested parties so as to develop and innovate and for the programme integrity and quality of the interventions and programmes.  


180 focuses on the connection between science and practice, on offering and maintaining evidence-based programmes and interventions and realising meaningful working relations between the parties in question. We connect the fields of employment, youth care, education and the judiciary. For only by cooperating with our chain partners, relevant authorities and science, we really can contribute to solving the existing social issues with regard to young people.  

Transnational cooperation 

Thanks to our knowledge circles and the continuous scanning of the market and social developments, we are able to respond to actual issues and offer novel solutions. We anticipate future questions and needs in order to be the first to be able to come with a reply to this question and to be able to be the first to meet the client’s needs.

That is why we literally look across the borders. Because what happens in the countries surrounding us can be of valuable importance to the Dutch target groups. And vice versa, with our experience and tested products we have a lot to offer to other countries too. Therefore transnational cooperation is one of our structural areas of special attention. 

Interventions, programs and methods

The range of products and services of 180 includes a large number of (approved) interventions, programmes and methods developed by us ourselves or managed for third parties.

The best-known are:

  • Work-Wise - TOPs! - YOUTURN

and a number of behavioural interventions managed for the National Agency of Correctional Institutions. 
Our range also includes products such as a training for:

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Psychopathology
  • Free Time Assessment

For our clients we are continuously on the look-out for new programmes and products that can improve the position of young people.

More information

For more information, for example our corporate brochure please contact us bij telephone: +31(0)88 8800300, or by email: info@180.nl 



180  |  Dolderseweg 120  |  3734 BL Den Dolder  |  T 088-8800300  |  E info@180.nl